Thursday, February 23, 2012

When a beast called Sun Xu bites the hand that feeds it

NUS should really check who they give their scholarship to. Seriously.

Friday, February 10, 2012

White-chan in Paris - Euro Disneyland only so-so leh

The Euro Disneyland in Paris is very very expensive and it is very very far away from the city. So you have to take a train to get there and then pay through your nose. And no, the train to Euro Disneyland is just one of their normal train, not that kawaii Mickey Mouse train in Hong Kong...

White-chan still prefers the Hong Kong Mickey Mouse train and Mickey Mouse train station!

This Disneyland in Paris is not very large, only slightly larger than the one in Hong Kong, and really not a problem to finish all rides within one day. Oh, but we didn't do the one that is supposed to be most scenic because the ride suddently got technical issue... maybe track issue? Maybe they need cable-ties...

Since we planned to stay at the park till it closed, it meant we had to eat there... yes, those horrible theme park food! The food in Euro Disneyland is really expensive, even the cheapest taste-worse-than-Mac so-called Mexican food we had was more than SGD10 for a pathetic set of meal with drink. And it was the smallest serving of food we had in Paris. Maybe the food at those expensive restaurants are better lah, this we didn't know. But compared to the other gourmet food country Hong Kong, the Chinese food at Maxim was not too much more expensive than the usual restaurant food and the food were actually delicious!

When night falls, there is a night parade in the park. As usual, all Disney characters will come out to dance and greet the people. But I'm sorry that we have to complain again... the dancers did not look as happy as the dancers in Tokyo and while Hong Kong has no night parade, they have... fireworks!

You think Paris Disney is too poor to afford fireworks like Hong Kong?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Minister scared ITE graduates not enough

When some highly-paid think-he-very-smart elite minister was asked why cannot have more ITE graduates study at the polytechnics, he said "If everyone can move up, we will not have enough ITE graduates out there in the workforce". Win.

Monday, February 6, 2012

White-chan at Chingay in water, not flood lah!

Somewhere out there are some rumors on what actually happened backstage during the Chingay 2012...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Woodlands said NO to elder care because will affect house value

Yes, I think these people living in Woodlands Street 83 think they won't get old one.