Tuesday, April 17, 2012

White-chan at the majestic Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls is located on the Niagara River draining Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, and is actually consisting of the Horseshoe Falls on the Canada (Toronto) side and the adjacent American Falls along with the comparatively small Bridal Veil Falls. These 3 waterfalls combine to form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world and has a vertical drop of more than 165 feet (50 m).

White-chan had to travel all the way out of Toronto city to this ulu pandan Niagara town, and this is a very super duper touristy place all out to get your money. But already in Toronto lor, have to go see right? That biggest waterfall in the world wor!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

It only takes less than 1 hour to see that huge Niagara Falls, and after that all the cheesy fast food restaurants and all kinds of wax museums are there waiting for your wallet... But still, it's a very colorful town, and really worth taking a look at how brightly colored a town can be!

Niagara town

Niagara town

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Titanic - White-chan not-very-3D version

Yes, I know after the travel agency tell you your $199 travel package is now $599 after adding holiday surcharge, peak period surcharge, airline fuel surcharge, tour guide tips etc... you really don't feel like spending another fifty or sixty dollars on some travel insurance anymore. But do you know it is actually a good idea to buy travel insurance?

Because a good travel insurance will cover you when that stupid budget airline is delayed or even cancelled yet again, when your luggage decided to stay at another airport, when you lost your wallet, and most importantly when you fall sick after eating that suspicious-looking local delicacy. Of course the insurance will not stop above suay things from happening, but at least you get paid for being suay.

I'm sure Rose must have claimed quite a bit from the insurance company back then...

Ok... wipe that DUH look off your face, here's the original one...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to make your own animation

Nope, you don't need to be George Lucas or Michael Bay to film something these days. Anyone can film it, edit it, and upload it. And nope, you don't have to be Disney to produce some simple animation.

All you need are the following:
  • some moment of brainstorming the storyboard - you really think you better than George Lucas, can shoot right away arh?

  • something to film with - er... no I'm not talking about those bulky thing-of-yesterday videocams... just a handphone will do lah!

  • something to record the video - I'm using iPhone, so this is the app I'm using for motion capture: Stop Motion Cafe, and it's FREE!

And then TADA!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

White-chan relac'ing at The Rose Veranda@Shangri-La Hotel

White-chan has just learned something from his colleagues. You can't work and work and work lah, you need to take a break sometimes. That's why they decided to take a break today and go pay $4/hr carpark to eat a $38+++ high tea buffet at Shangri-la Hotel's Rose Veranda.

The Rose Veranda is famous for their wide selection of tea. Very wide. So wide that reading the whole tea menu will easily take you half an hour. Their tea leaves are categorised into so many different kinds, flower teas, black teas, white teas, green teas, blue teas, black and white teas, black and white and green teas... machiam can make into a periodic table! So White-chan decided to take the easy way out. Choose from their "Best Seller" menu - Royal Darjeeling tea. You can actually pay another $8 to try as many tea as you want from that big book of menu, but seriously, you think your bladder can hold so many pots of tea meh?

Since it's an International high tea buffet, it means they have the right to serve all the japalang food - Japanese sushi + Chinese food and dim sum + Indian fish curry + Ang Mor food and baked potatoes + even more mixture of desserts.

The smoked duck breast and salmon is good. Especially the smoked duck breast, which has just enough fat to complement the lean portion to make it chewy on the whole and not too sinful or tough, and it is also not too salty.

The chicken wings are crispy but a bit too tough. White-chan still prefers the Ikea ones. The dim sum... can pass if you're too full lah... Oh the crab bisque is really really oishii! There are real crab meat inside for one, and the soup itself is full bodied and tasty! This is even better than the tea!

The scallops in salsa sauce is also good. The scallops are fresh and chewy but not tough, and the salsa is just sour enough to complement the scallops. The sandwiches are also not bad lah, but the sushi... the rice a bit too tight... can pass if you're too full lah...

Since this is high tea, must have a reasonable selection of dessert right? The desserts are not bad too, got the usual popular cakes like durian sponge cake (not bad!), strawberry cheese cake (too full for cheese cake!), black sesame crème brûlée (this is a good variation!), chocolate mousse (sweet!), tiramisu, and even Nonya kways and mochi (with cream inside, which is a bit weird...). Oh, got chocolate fountain and ice-cream also!

At the end of the day, it was a good relaxing tea-break lah!