Saturday, April 14, 2012

Titanic - White-chan not-very-3D version

Yes, I know after the travel agency tell you your $199 travel package is now $599 after adding holiday surcharge, peak period surcharge, airline fuel surcharge, tour guide tips etc... you really don't feel like spending another fifty or sixty dollars on some travel insurance anymore. But do you know it is actually a good idea to buy travel insurance?

Because a good travel insurance will cover you when that stupid budget airline is delayed or even cancelled yet again, when your luggage decided to stay at another airport, when you lost your wallet, and most importantly when you fall sick after eating that suspicious-looking local delicacy. Of course the insurance will not stop above suay things from happening, but at least you get paid for being suay.

I'm sure Rose must have claimed quite a bit from the insurance company back then...

Ok... wipe that DUH look off your face, here's the original one...

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