Monday, September 29, 2014

Saving White-chan's Souls Android Game is now on Google Play!

My very first Android game Saving White-chan's Souls has been launched on Google Play!

What's the story of the game?
Ai the sheep has dropped into some magical dimension and White-chan Lil One the white mouse sets out to rescue his good friend. In this magical dimension, their souls are separated from their bodies and split into seven parts. Plan the route and tap the direction for White-chan Lil One and his souls to get to the portal exits. Save White-chan Lil One and his souls so that he can save Ai in the last world!

Is it difficult to play?
The game is easy to learn but things can get very challenging at the upper levels!

How much is it?

So give it a try and get addicted here:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Saving White-chan's Souls - Game Demo

This is my very first Android game on Google PlayStore! Saving White-chan's Souls is a simple arcade game which you just tap to guide the white mice White-chan Lil One and his 7 souls into portal doors and out of the whole magical dimension. Of course avoiding all traps and monsters along the way.

It's a free game, so download it this weekend and try it out!