Thursday, January 19, 2012

White-chan on CNY - Go get some lucky flowers!

Besides spring cleaning and queuing up for bak kwa, one of the MUST-DO for Chinese New Year is to get some lucky flowers. From a big tree of Mei Hua to a small pot of cactus, the Chinese will get plant just to make sure that their homes are auspiciously in Spring. Even thought there is only the rainy season and hot season in Singapore, we like to pretend we're in Winter during the X'mas and Spring during the Chinese New Year.

CNY Flowers 01

CNY Flowers 02

CNY Flowers 03

CNY Flowers 07

CNY Flowers 05

CNY Flowers 06

CNY Flowers 08

CNY Flowers 09

CNY Flowers 10

CNY Flowers 11

CNY Flowers 13

CNY Flowers 12

It seems like the Rat is supposed to be lucky during this Dragon year of 2012, so why not a pot of Change-Your-Luck bamboo for White-chan to enhance it even further! Huat ah~~

White-chan with CNY bamboo

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