Saturday, June 2, 2012

White-chans to auction that red Ferrari for charity

Oh yes you hear it right! That Ma family is donating that Rocher-Road-accident red Ferrari for a charity auction organised by the White-chans. All the proceeds from the auction will go towards helping the poor children in Singapore by sponsoring their subscriptions to White-chans comics!

Yes you didn't hear the wrong thing! It's a life time free reading of all White-chans comics! Those who bid for this car will help drive White-chans' efforts to reach out and support the less well-off in our community!

What? Why not sponsor them food? Text books? No... no... no... these are just meaningless materials that are not half as important as White-chans comics! The free White-chans comics will provide food to their souls and this is one hundred times more important than feeding their hungry stomachs!

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