Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Merlion kena copied by some China fashion brand FUNNCHY!


Yes, we should know by now we should not be surprised at anything that is copied in China, from games to cars, from Starbucks to a whole town in Australia. But THIS is the ultimate one. Copying another country's national symbol and make a whole new crazy story about it.

This so-called atas fashion company that was founded in GuangZhou China since 2002 is the so-called sole distributor of a so-called British fashion company called FUNNCHY(梵驰).

They claimed that this FUNNCHY brand was founded since 1868 from the very heart of English's palace, by a Royal Navy general called Fitzroy. Apparently a very talented naval general, this claimed-to-exist Fitzroy created this claimed-to-exist sure-win-wun-die boots after he returned with victory from some battle. Then they claimed that his design so power that his brand was super famous among the upper society in England and thus from his victory-boots, it developed into lots of other leather products like wallets, luggage bags etc.

According to this FUNNCHY brand, they think that the Merlion symbolise victory, success, royalty and determination. BRAVO.

I wonder what the turning-40 Mer-chan has to say about this.

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