Monday, June 10, 2013

Forget about those candies, Tetris is back!

Yup, Tetris is back and better! It is now called Tetris Blitz and the gameplay is looking familiar but making you play differently at the same time!

You still have to fill in the gaps from the falling shapes, but instead of using the arrow keys like you did on the black and white old school console, you can now tap the shape to make it go exactly where you want. Yup, in a way, this has made the game easier, but wait... now you need to finish the game in 2 minutes! YES! You can't take your own sweet time to complete a game anymore! Kan cheong sia!

However there is one new Blitz introduced to the Tetris. You can now use Power-ups to help you in the game, much like how you used them in the Bejeweled Blitz. They'll appear in the game as usual shapes but if you clear any line that contains a Power-up, you get assistance like getting rid of 3 lines (Laser), shifting everything to the left (Magnet) or even add some little tiny bit of extra time (Time Shift).

And then they also have the Finishers to help you get even more bonus points at the end of a game. But these Finishers are not cheap hor! So either you empty your coins to get them, or get them for free if you're lucky in the Spins. VERY lucky.

Mind you, this time they didn't relaunch this new Tetris Blitz for you to fill the waiting time in your life, like waiting for that where-the-hell-is-it bus or doing your number two. They want you to keep playing and they want you to be competitive. That's why there is a leadership board for you to compete with your friends on Facebook! Har! But even if that stupid Ah Seng is leading today, don't despair as there is always a tomorrow! Really! The leadership board is cleared and back to zero after a week, so you might win Ah Seng next week! Ganbatte!

So go get your free copy of Tetris Blitz now and go retro again!
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