Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thanks and here's a cup of kopi for you!

The Singapore Blog Awards voting period is closing soon. You guys who have voted for White-chans and me have no idea how grateful I am for these support! It might be just an occasion click on your end but it means a lot to me! And I thank you for that!

I so wanted to treat each and every one of you a cup of kopi but the funny thing is I've not even met any of you! But this is what I can do. Today, I would like to offer all of you a cup of virtual kopi! Kanbai, my friends! Thanks for all the votes! Keep it coming for one more week!

Steps to vote for White-chans' Diary:
  1. Go to the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 voting site
  2. Register to vote if you haven't
  3. Click on "Vote" on the White-chans' Diary icon
  4. Repeat again tomorrow

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