Monday, June 3, 2013

Want to improve English? Just play Scrabble lah!

No. You can't use any of those Singlish words in the Scrabble. At least not until someone created a new Singlish edition for Scrabble.

SCRABBLE Free is now free for download on iPad, iPhone and Android phones. Once downloaded, you can choose to create an EA Origin account or simply use your Facebook account to pester your friends to play with you. Which makes it more fun than playing with the computer, because you can always choose to play with your weaker friends to make yourself feel good. But that also means you can't continue with the game until your friend is done with his/her turn. So during these time, the only thing you can do is to Skype/Whatsapp/Line Chat/sms/call them/go to their house to wake up them up. Ok lah, there is still one way to speed up the game lah. Like everything else in life like budget airlines, you can always pay to upgrade. So yes, you can pay to upgrade to Single Player mode to play with computer, and also to get rid of all those ads.

There is this feature called "Teacher" that is quite interesting. The Teacher will slap you to tell you how you should have scored more points. For example, after I've happily put "GOD" and ended my turn, pressing the "Teacher" icon will have the Teacher mocking me "Ahdoy! Why you didn't put 'Audit' to get 32 points instead? See! Never study hard lah! English so bad!".

There is also a Dictionary in the game that helps you to check your spelling. No. Unlike your Primary school teacher, it doesn't tell you the meaning of the words. It only tells you whether the words exist or not. But still, it can be quite helpful.

So go download your free copy now and do your part for the "Speak Good English" movement!

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