Monday, May 14, 2012

White-chan in Taiwan - All the good food at 鹽埕區

鹽埕區 was once a very prosperous commercial area in Kaohsiung, until the businesses shifted east. But don't worry, it is still not a dead town. There are still banks and financial institutions near the MRT stations, and wholesale fashion shops along the way. Most importantly, there are lots of good (and cheap!) food around this area! One of the most famous restaurant around here is 阿英排骨饭.

It is not easy to locate 阿英排骨饭 as they do not have a super huge sign board like the rest of the shops around. The best way to locate it is that it is next to the 城隍廟. The more popular dishes here are the chicken drumstick and pork ribs (DUH!), and they have two kinds of prices: 雞腿特餐 NT95(SGD4.30) 原味餐點 NT75(SGD3.40); 排骨特餐 NT85(SGD3.90) 原味餐點 NT55(SGD2.50). The difference between 特餐 and 原味餐點 is that 特餐 is the real set menu that comes with three set dishes, one 魯蛋 and one soup. Unfortunately when we reached there in the evening, they have actually sold out on their side dishes, so we could only go with the 原味餐點. The pork ribs is really good! It is crispy and meaty at the same time, and very fragrant. The chicken drumstick is also to die for! The skin is fried till crispy but the meat is still super juicy! These kind of drumstick really difficult to find in Singapore lor!


We then carried on to find 郭家肉粽 and 北港蔡三代筒仔米糕. But since we were already half full, we had to choose between two (hello, can only take so many carbo in a night lor!) and so we chose 郭家肉粽 because White-chan wanted to see what is the difference between Taiwan 肉粽 and Singapore 肉粽.

We order one 肉粽 NT30(SGD1.40) and one bowl of 四神湯 NT25(SGD1.20). The 肉粽 was not as good as we have expected though... for one, we are not really used to eating 肉粽 with sweet sauce and peanut powder. And then there was not much meat, so it is like we ate one big lump of carbo... 四神湯 is actually pig intestines soup lah! It is not as spicy as our 猪什汤 but rather on the milky side. I heard that this soup is brewed from pig trotters! As for the intestines, they are chewy and nope, there is no weird taste or smell.


On the way back to the MRT station, we stopped by two more shops. We tapao'ed some 滷味 from 阿囉哈滷味, bought the chicken backside and something known as the chewing gum, which is some internal part of the duck. Their 滷味 is really tasty and has a hint of spiciness, and so very good for snacking! The only thing is that there are two shops of 阿囉哈滷味, next to one another. Apparently one is opened by the mother and don't know which daughter and the other by another daughter and don't know who else in the family, kind of like our Alexander Village claypot laksa vs. Depot Road claypot laksa...


The last shop that we stopped by was at 高雄婆婆冰 for some 木瓜牛奶. Our verdict is that Taiwan's papaya must be so much more expensive than milk. Their 木瓜牛奶 is so milky!

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