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White-chan in Taiwan - Eat our way through 饒河街夜市

To go to 饒河街夜市, you can either take the MRT to 後山埤站, or train to 松山站. But trust me, you will really want to take the train. From the MRT station, we had to walk and get lost for more than 15 minutes before we reached the night market, and then to find out that the train station was just across the road from it! DOTZ...

Anyway 饒河街夜市 is just next to the temple 慈祐宮, and since Taiwan temples are opened till quite late in the evening, it is also a good idea to pay a visit to the temple before feasting away! Unlike the other more famous night markets like 士林 and 师大, 饒河街夜市 is more popular with the locals. While we encounter some Japanese and Hong Kongers in the market, at least there is no buses of tourists from that OMG country! Also, 饒河街夜市 is interesting because there are other shops along the road that sell non-food stuff, like clothes and handphone accessories etc.

  Temple near Raohe Night Market 慈祐宮 Temple near Raohe Night Market 慈祐宮

药炖排骨 is kinda like our herbal style Bak Ku Teh, but the herbal taste is not as strong and the soup is lighter. For just NT70(SGD3.20), they are quite generous with the number of ribs, just that there seems to be less meat on the bones lah...

Raohe Night Market
  Raohe Night Market 藥燉排骨

Going to Taiwan without eating 臭豆腐 is like not eating durian in Singapore. Personally, I will even prefer Taiwan 臭豆腐 as compared to those from Hong Kong and Shanghai, partly due to the chili sauce and pickled vegetables! The 臭豆腐 we had at 下港臭豆腐 was only NT45(SGD2) for 4 pieces, which is like only 50 cents for one piece of crispy on the outside and tasty and soft inside 臭豆腐!

Raohe Night Market 臭豆腐

This 東發號蚵仔麵線 shop is really hidden lor. It is on the left of a 土地公 temple, and you have to walk through this small little main door without any sign! But it is a treasure worth hunting for! With just NT50(SGD2.30), you get big fat oysters and even fatter big intestines in a small bowl of mee sua. The mee sua was tasty and the ingredients don't "smell" at all! So much better than that famous no-ingredient expensive mee sua swarmed with tourists at 西门町!

Raohe Night Market 牱仔面线

It's early summer, which means it's the best time to eat ice kacang! The NT40(SGD1.80)雪花冰 is really nice lor! The texture is really like 雪花, so light and melt in the mouth! And the yam was also soft and good!

Raohe Night Market 雪花冰 

I guess one of the most famous food at 饒河街夜市 has to be the 福州世祖胡椒餅. At NT45(SGD2), it is not really the cheapest food there, but there is always a long queue at the stall. Luckily they are pretty fast in production, so even when some sabo king in front tapao 10 or 20 pieces, the wait was still reasonable. And yes, it was worth all the wait! After eating all the food in the night market, we really had to tapao the 胡椒餅 back to hotel. But even when it was not as hot, the 胡椒餅 was still crunchy and the meat still as juicy. And they really put a lot of meat in it lor!

Raohe Night Market 胡椒餅
 Raohe Night Market 苦瓜汁 Raohe Night Market Raohe Night Market guavas Raohe Night Market

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