Thursday, May 17, 2012

White-chan in Taiwan - You have to love these street foods from Wanhua Night Market 華西街 and 廣州街

You know, the best time to go to 龍山寺 is in the evening. Haha... not because the crowd is lesser during that time, because 龍山寺 is always super crowded with local and tourists. It is because if you go in the evening, you can go to the nearby night market for your dinner! And you can find lots of good food there simply because most of these shops are older than you or me!


I heard that this famous 排骨酥麵 is from Tainan and when it first started out in Taipei, the crowd was overwhelming! And I can understand why, because it was really that good lor! Apparently they fried the pork ribs till it is crispy, then steam it in 高汤, then when you order they cook the noodles separately and pour the pork ribs in 高汤 into the noodles! That's why the pork ribs are so fragrant, the radish so sweet and the soup so thick and tasty lah! If you ask me, NT70(SGD3.20) is not expensive at all!

Wanhua Night Market 華西街/廣州街 - 排骨酥面


We were so lucky. Really. If the 魯肉飯 store that we wanted to eat at was not closed for the day, we would have lost the last piece of 麻糬 in Ah Mah's pot. The NT35(SGD1.60) 燒麻糬 is supposed to consist of 2 big 麻糬, but when we reached the shop, Ah Mah found only one piece left in the pot, and she had to replace the missing one with lots of little 麻糬. So when the customer immediately after us ordered 燒麻糬, she had to tell him it was sold out for the day! Heng ah! Ah Mah's 麻糬 is so Q you can pull it like 30cm away from your mouth, and together with the crushed peanut, double confirm you'll never go back to those Singapore pasar malam 麻糬! White-chan will literally bite if anyone try to snatch away that last piece of 麻糬 lor!

Besides 麻糬, the other must-have dessert has to be the 芋頭湯. The yam cubes just melt in your mouth and the soup was so super thick and fragrant! Urghhhh... why are there no 芋頭湯 in Singapore?!?

Wanhua Night Market 華西街/廣州街 - 燒麻粟

Wanhua Night Market 華西街/廣州街 - 芋頭湯


We saw this 蚵仔煎 at the end of 廣州街 that was super crowded and looking at the generous number of oysters the towkay put into the omelet, we knew we had to have it. It was actually the best 蚵仔煎 we had so far! Even more impressive than the one we had at 鹿港 previously! The omelet was crispy, the oysters big and fat, and the sauce was just nice, not too sweet or overwhelming! Can forget about those fried oyster omelet in Singapore liao lah!

Wanhua Night Market 華西街/廣州街 - 牱仔煎

Wanhua Night Market 華西街/廣州街 - 牱仔煎


Yes we know we're not doing the 豬腳 justice by tapao'ing back instead of having it hot on the spot. But we were already very full liao leh... But guess what, even when it is cold, this 豬腳 is still nice! The mushroom taste is still strong and fragrant, and the 豬腳 skin and meat is chewy but not too hard. Yes at NT50(SGD2.30) for this small box it doesn't seem cheap, but I'm sure if we had it on the spot with a bowl of rice we would have gone to heaven!

Wanhua Night Market 華西街/廣州街 - 鹵豬腳

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