Wednesday, May 9, 2012

White-chan in Taiwan - 旗津 that sunny island

Kaohsiung has a very beautiful MRT station called Formosa Boulevard 美丽岛 Station. This station is designed by a Japanese architect 高松伸所 and an Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. The station was even voted second most beautiful station in the world by a US travel site! Don't play play ah! And as if the station is not artistic enough, they even put a piano at the hall where anyone can volunteer to play to entertain the crowd! When we reached the station, we met this guy who was playing 陳綺貞's song really well, and then he saw us taking pictures of the station which makes it very obvious we are tourists, so he stopped to have a friendly chat with us...

Pianist: Where are you from? Hong Kong? Malaysia? (don't know why most Taiwanese thought we're either from Hong Kong or Malaysia...)
White-chan: Haha... no lah, we're from Singapore.
Pianist: Oh Singapore! I should play a song from Singapore then... hmm... but what song do you have?
White-chan: Er... I don't think you'll know bah... (like Chan Mali Chan?)
Pianist: Haha... oh, I'm so sorry! I should find out more about songs from Singapore!

And then the moment we stepped out of the station, we remembered. WTH! We have 孫燕姿 and 天黑黑 mah!

Kaohsiung Formosa station
  Kaohsiung Formosa station

We heard that 旗津 is a great place to go for cheap and good seafood in Kaohsiung, and so we decided to have our lunch there. To get to this little island, we took the MRT to 西子灣 station, then from there took a ferry. The ferry ride was only about 5 minutes and it costs only NT15(SGD0.70)! Cool!

Ferry to Qijin 旗津

Ferry to Cijin

Cijin Ferry point

There is a seafood street 海產街 on 旗津 with quite a number of seafood restaurants, and all of them have the same NT100(SGD4.50) per dish pricing. The only reason why we chose 海忠寶活海產 restaurant was because it started to rain and we literally ran into the restaurant!


We ordered a dish of 海瓜子 which was quite tasty, 炸银鱼 which was a bit disappointing because it was a bit bland, 炒螃蟹肉 which was okay, and 凤梨虾球 which we expected to be gulo meat style but turned out so differently. But at least all seafood are really fresh lah! Oh, and the NT100(SGD4.50) per dish also include free flow of rice and a plate of fruits wor! Where to find?

 Cijin seafood
 Cijin seafood

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