Friday, August 24, 2012

When Tau Huay is too low class and Singapore bloggers are not influential enough

What's wrong with Tau Huay, Pau and Chwee Kueh? At least we don't have to eat snails. 

These think-they-very-ATAS French came to Singapore to organise their very-ATAS Diner En Blanc, invited some local bloggers, then when one of them posted and suggested Singapore food (because we're in... Singapore! Surprised?), decided that blog was inappropriate and uninvited him.

Win liaoz.

And then later they un-invited other local bloggers simply because local bloggers are not influential enough wor.

Double win.

You know, chao angmors, I hope you'll have a great time sweating (yes, my poor English knows that only animals sweat) under the warm and humid Singapore weather when you eat your snails sitting on your white chairs and dressed in your white attires.

Oh, and you so sure that night won't rain hor?

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