Thursday, August 2, 2012

White-chans Go Tour Liaoz! e-book is coming to your iPads and tablets!

(*psst... like this image? Do you know you can click and download this image as wallpaper for your mobile?)

You've seen some of the strips here but you've only seen the tip of White-chan's long tail.

The White-chans Go Tour Liaoz e-book will be coming to your devices, tablets and e-readers very soon.

Don't you want to know what kiasu or kiasi things the three white mice did in Siem Reap?
What did they eat under such a hot weather of 30 over degrees?
How did they lost each other in the Angkor temple grounds?

Watch out for the e-book and find out the answers. 即將上市,敬请密切留意!

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