Monday, August 27, 2012

White-chans Living in Singapore - When a student is more powerful than a teacher

If Student didn't do homework that Teacher assigned, it is not his fault because he has other things better to do, like homework from his tuition center.

If Teacher punishes Student because he didn't do homework, it is Teacher's fault because his roles and responsibilities does not include punishing students.

If Teacher still punishes Student, Student can complain to Mother because nobody shalt punish him, not even his own parents.

If Son has been punished by Teacher, Mother can complain to Principal about the overuse of authority.

If Principal receives complaint from Mother, Principal can force Teacher to apologise regardless whose fault it was, for the better of the bigger picture, like to keep the parents happy so that the school has more business or students in future.

If Teacher is unwilling to be forced to apologise for nothing... oh well... he can only quit.

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